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ASD Child Ltd offers Learning Needs assessment in South London. We offer comprehensive assessement to determine and diagnose Learning Difficulties including Learning Disability.

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Learning Needs assessment & diagnosis follow NICE & NHS England guidelines.

Learning Needs

Learning Needs is a generic term covering any degree of Learning Difficulty from mild to severe.

The assessment can lead to a diagnosis of Learning (or Mental) Disability. 

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It is important to understand if your child has any degrfee of learning difficulty as this will provide access to specialist care and support both in school and outside. Specialist care and support is essential as it will give your child the necessary tools to reach their potential. Diagnosis is not aimed at restricting but rather to identify any difficulties in their learning in order to inform the support they need.  It provides a sense of understanding to parents and carers lifting on the burden and confusion that comes with the lack of understanding. The earlier this is done, the quicker tailored methods, strategies and plans can be put in place and applied.


  • ‘Learning Needs’ is a term used to describe difficulties in general learning. These are often experienced in school. Your child might experience difficulties in their learning that can be the result of different processes. Neurodevelopmental (ND) conditions affect learning in different ways. The most direct cause of experiencing learning difficulties is the child's mental ability. For example, if a child has reduced ‘short term memory’ capacity they will struggle to retain information long enough to understand instructions and process information. Similarly, if they have a lower than the average processing speed they will need more time to process information mentally e.g. in Maths.

  • When a child significantly underperforms in school it makes sense to understand if this is the cause of a learning difficulty. A rough indication is when a child is two years or more behind his/her peers across subjects. Depending on the degree of that difficulty the child might be found to have a learning difficulty or disability (a significant learning difficulty).

  • Learning difficulties have direct impact on a person’s capacity to live independently as it affects their ability to learn everyday tasks. In that respect it has a more profound impact than either ASD or ADHD. 

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Assessment & Fees

  • We offer Learning Needs assessment to determine whether a child or young person has a learning difficulty or disability.

  • We use standardised tests such as WISC-V and Raven’s progressive matrices for the assessment of mental ability and Vineland-3 to determine the level of Adaptive Behaviour (life skills).

  • The fee for a Learning Needs assessment is £1450. It consists of a face to face cognitive assessment and a a remote interview with parent(s) or carer(s). It is carried out by Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist.

  • Please contact us for more information about the Learning Needs (LN) assessment.


Learning Needs assessment fee is £1450, which includes a diagnostic interview, face-to-face assessment, clinical review, family feedback and a comprehensive report.

A deposit of £150 is required in order to book an assessment. Flexible payment options are available.

Talk to us today to discuss primary concerns, first consultations, mapping, planning and assessment on-site at our recognised clinic. 



You can book online and also contact our experts at ASD Child Ltd in West Wickham. We also provide  ADHD &  Learning Needs Assessment and Psychoeducation.

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